Machitos project Part 2


I am so happy to introduce you the new collection of the Machito’s « Made in Peru » backpacks.

In May 2015, we had the very first shooting for the limited edition of this marvellous brand, inspiring what we call « craftmanship » when speaking about luxury. « Machito » backpack is for natural girls, who love adventures, dreaming and travelling around the world, discovering new cultures.

And here it is, the new collection for the autumn 2015. I was very happy to pose with my favorite backpack, the rectangular one, made of brown cocoa shade color leather, with red Peruvian motives. I have to admit that I have always had some difficulties wearing red color clothes or lipstick but when I had to choose the bag for the shooting, I have immediately grabbed this one. I am also in love with the one I wear on the last pictures, with blue motives. Nevertheless, the brown leather with red motives is my favorite one.

If you would like to discover the new collection of these unique backpacks but also some other products and accessories came straight from Peru, you are welcomed to the party organised by the Machito’s founders. You can visit the page and subscribe for this event in order to discover with us the Peruvian culture.

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