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I am very proud today to introduce you another project that is very special for me. It is about hand-made backpacks, made of Peruvian materials, such as leather and cloth with traditional motifs on it. The name of these backpacks is “Machitos”.

The project is managed by Mélissa & Romain. I met them in 2012, during my last year at the university, and today I am very happy to know them. They are a wonderful couple, with a very strong entrepreneurial spirit. They are capable of working on 2 projects simultaneously. Such an audacity and rigor!!!

This last project is Mélissa’s idea, with the Romian’s help and expertise. The idea is to offer you an authentic backpack, made by Peruvian artisans, a tradition that exists since very longtime in the Melissa’s country of origins. This is a different accessory that makes you feel unique thanks to the motifs that are never the same. So, you can be sure to have a unique piece of fashion.

The Machitos project is the continuation of their journey in Peru, in 2014. The very first step was the blog launching. If you plan to travel to this beautiful country, you can find useful advice on the blog. The Machitos backpacks project is the result of their entrepreneurial passion. The website, giving you the chance to have one of these bags will be available very soon. In the meantime, you can subscribe on the following page, to be informed about the launching of the next collection.

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