Mid season

Beginning of September is always strange period. First of all, because we prepare ourselves to say goodbye officially to the summer on 21st of September. Second, because we are so lost about our garderobe (some days of the week are hot and others are cold, wet, rainy). And last but not least, because of work, going back to work after long summer holidays is not always easy.

Coming back to work, spending like 30 minutes a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Let’s be honest, there are these days when you are just fed up with all those clothes in your wardrobe or all over the free space in your room, so you just pick up what is near you, put the clothe on you and then run for work, meeting or whatever, because you are late…

That is me in most of the days, which is not very recommended behaviour when you are a woman. A lot of times I just go without make-up, actually I use rarely, and even it happens to forget to put some cream on my face, and there is no excuse. No make-up, it’s ok, but no cream to hydrate your face, it’s a real torture for your skin. And what happened for this shooting, I was so late, so I forgot to put even some blush. Hopefully, I always have my rose lipstick in my bag, and that can change everything.

And for this look I will be avoid that I just filled up the grey Zara jeans I was wearing the day before, my new t-shirt from Karl Mark John, simple and comfy look, with the Karl Lagerfeld bag I was wearing during all my summer holidays and Céline espadrille.

I just want to say Thank you to Julien Lee, the photographer who made this shooting possible.

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