3 days in Marrakesh : travel guide


After the very difficult time in my Professional life, after having signed the contract for our new apartment, yopiiiii,  I needed to travel and clean my head of the bad things I have gone through during this long and difficult path.

I have never been to Marrakech, so we decided to travel to North Africa and be a part of this colorful city for 3 days. I wanted to do a lot of things like go to the desert, but 3 days is not enough. Nevertheless, 3 days is the perfect time to discover Marrakesh.

As I always want to do a lot of things, I was a bit optimistic for these 3 days, but at the end of the day, we discover Medina, we tried a lot of restaurants, but also we tried different transport solutions: public transport, taxi, and of course, we walked a bit.


1st day in Marrakesh

After having arrived at our hotel, Atlas Medina situated 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from Medina, we decided to have a taxi and go visiting the old city.

Having a taxi in Marrakesh is a real experience. The exact price from our hotel till the old city was 25 Marocain Dirhams. At the hotel, they told us to ask the driver to put the taximeter on. Once out, we ask him how much it was, and surprise, he gave us the double price. And here I started to negotiate. Negotiating in countries like Morocco could be seen as a bad or good thing. Personally, I prefer to pay the fair price and if I am satisfied with the service, I leave some tips.

So, we have negotiated the price to 30 MAD. The driver was very nice, he made the guide for us, leave us near the Saadian Tombs. As he was very nice, we paid him 50 MAD. It was really deserved.


Once in Medina, we walked through the Souks and were looking for a place to have lunch. Then we found the hidden place called Dar Cherifa. Well, I should avoid that he was the one who found the restaurant. He is really keen on finding the perfect place to eat. This restaurant remains at the top of our list of places to eat in Marrakesh.


After having eaten, we had a Moroccan tea just around the corner, in a very nice Riad restaurant, called Chorfa. Then we decided to walk till the hotel and discover the landscape. On the road, we pass by the Koutoubia mosque. We took some pictures, just like normal tourists. And after around 40 minutes walk, we were at the hotel.

2ndday in Marrakesh

For our 2nd day in Marrakesh, we decided to experience something new. Well, not so new because every time we visit a new city, we want to experience public transport. So, after breakfast, we took the bus to go to the YSL museum and the Majorelle Garden.



You can buy your ticket directly from the driver for 4 MAD (around 0,40 euros). Then, once arrived in front of the museum, there was a queue, but we were able to buy our tickets after having queued for 15 minutes. We chose the combined ticket for all the museums (including Majorelle Garden, YSL museum, and the Berber museum). The whole visit took us around 3h (with the Queuing).


After this visit, we decided to walk inside Medina and discover new places. We ate at a very nice place called Atay Cafe Food. This place offers a very beautiful view to Medina. After having eaten there, we walked down the old city of Medina and once we got out of the city, we grab a taxi and went back to the hotel.


3rd day in Marrakesh

Our 3rd and last day in Marrakesh was the best one. We did so many things, maybe because it was the last one and we wanted to make the best of it. I tried to organize it but at the end of the day, we did more things that we have planned to do.

We started our day by going to the Menara gardens, on foot. It was only 20 minutes walk from the hotel. Gardens are free to visit and very beautiful. Then we took the public transport once again ☺to go to Medina and have lunch in a very French place, called Terrasse des épices. The place is always full, so better to make a reservation before going there.

After having lunch, we decided to go to the Saadi Tombs but they were closed. Several 100 meters from there you have a craftmanship shopping center called Ets Bouchaib where you can find everything, from jewels to home decoration. It is situated 5 minutes walk from the famous El Badi Palace. We haven’t visited it because it was late in the evening and we really wanted to go to the Jamaa El Fna square.

We have already been there during the day. But you really need to go to the Jamaa el Fna Square when the sun goes down. It is completely different. Then we had tea in one of the places, offering a very beautiful view over the Square, called Café de France. If you are a fan of local food, you can also have dinner outside, in one of the open restaurants available only during the night.


Our stay in Marrakesh could finish with this beautiful view. Nevertheless, on our way to the hotel, we decided to have an unplanned hammam. To be honest, he really wanted to do it and I wasn’t very sure to have enough time for it. Then, when I saw the place on our road, I decided to experience a hammam in Marrakesh. So we had a great time and good hammam in Marrakesh, at the Hotel Islane. It lasted for around 2 hours, 1h hammam and 1h for a relaxing massage.

So, this was the very last thing we did during our 3 days-stay in Marrakesh. I really loved the city. We weren’t able to do everything we wanted to do. So next time we are back there, we will plan a stay of around 5 days, so we will be able to go to the Agafay desert.

I hope that this article was really useful for you and you were able to find some ideas when preparing your travel to Marrakesh.

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