Spring is here

Finally, spring is here. Sun is shining, days are longer, so we can do more things. use all our energy, before going on summer holidays.

Of course, when we say the sun, we think about sunglasses, going out for a walk, put some comfortable clothes, a dress or a skirt preferably, eat ice-cream (even if I am addicted to ice cream and eat all the time). A thing you can always find in our freezer is ice-cream.

Even if the sun is here now, I still have some difficulties to take out the summer shoes and still put my over the knees boots, except when it is 15°C outside, just like today. Hopefully, these pictures were taken some days ago.

Generally, I wait for the beginning of June to use my sandals, but once again, I do not do like the other people, just because I am too sensitive to the cold. Except when I am in the South of course, then I can put my ballerinas or open shoes.

So, before using more adapted clothes to the summer season, I will wait some days more. For now, it is better to enjoy the sun, with a pullover and a skirt, long (like the Olivia Palermo’s one) or short, depends on your taste and mood. One thing is for sure, coat season is over.

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Bag: Sophie Hulme (similar here, like this one)

Sunnies: Ralph Lauren

Pullover: H&M (still on sale, in green)

Skirt: Zara (I like this pink short one or this long one)

Boots: What For

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