La Rochelle

I love May and not because it’s my birthday but also because it is like transition month, where we can prepare our summer holidays or not. We can also travel and enjoy the beginning of the summer.

This years’ May was quite busy because I had some Professional travels but also I had the time to discover La Rochelle and go to Europa Park, in Germany. Very soon, I will share some pieces of advice about spending a great day there.

For now here are some pics from the first day at La Rochelle, wearing Miss Sixty jeans I have for ages, but I decided to customize them with these cute patches, combined with the pink H&M sweater and my Stokton sneakers. I also wear the Levi’s jacket and pink Sophie Hulme bag.

Several words about these jeans. Actually, las February I was obsessed with the Zara patches jeans that have been quickly sold out. Looking for the perfect jeans, I finally decided to create my own model with the jeans I had for several years and here is the result. So if you really badly want something, go and get it ☺ or go and create it.

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Sweater: H&M

Jeans: Miss Sixty (customized with patches from MaPetiteMercerie)

Sneakers: Stokton (love these ones)

Jacket: Levi’s

Sunnies: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Sophie Hulme (love also this one)


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