Augusta Trajana and the Forum. This architecture is a part of my hometown, the place where I was born, the place where I grew up. It is amazing how we start appreciating art with age.

It was really strange to take these pictures here because this is actually my 2nd photo shoot in the Forum. The first one was 10 years ago, for my prom. You know, it is like in the UK and US, when you graduate from High school, you have this amazing night, wearing a beautiful dress. Feeling like a princess when you are only 17 years-old.

These pics were taken during my last stay in Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, last January. My city was founded around 106-107 AD by the Roman emperor Mark Ulpius Trajan. It is one of the most magnificent cities in Thrace in I-III centuries. The streets were (and still are) straight and today it is known as the city of the straight streets and lime trees.

In the History Museum, there are magnificent examples of stone and bronze sculptures, jewelry, pottery and glass art. All this art is a testimonial to the exquisite artistic taste and mastery of the Thrace people. The Forum was actually discovered only in 1968 bu the real archeological research began in 1970.

Pictures were taken when it was only -10°C. The place is a part of the Forum and it is named the Theatron. This is a solid structure with amphitheatrical seats, that were facing the forum square. Here, spectators saw and even took part in religious or secular ceremonies (assembly of the city démos, processions, worships, ceremonies for the cult to the emperor).

Despite the low temperature (which is something normal for Bulgaria), under the blue sky with the shining sun, it was possible to stay without a coat, with this cosy Anthropologie sweat that I love. I was also wearing Mango flared jeans with Hugo Boss boots and my favorite Furla bags.

I hope this travel story from a not so well-known country was interesting and useful. See you soon for a new discovery.

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Sweat: Anthropologie (similar here and here)

Jeans: Mango (love these in black)

Boots: Hugo Boss (more affordable here)

Bag: Furla (similar here)

Sunnies: Burberry

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