Sorrento-the charm of the Campania region

Visiting the region of Campania in the South of Italy, without visiting Sorrento, it is just impossible. Stopping by this charming small city, walking down the narrow cozy streets with typical restaurants, eating an ice-cream at 2pm, the moment of the day when the temperature is the highest, it is a real pleasure.

The city of Sorrento is offering calm, tranquility and sunny holidays. Piazza San Antonia in the city center is a mandatory part of the itinerary. But just before coming here, you have to pass by Piazza Tasso, one of the biggest spots in Sorrento, full of restaurants and some brand shops.

Piazza Marinai is another mandatory sport of the Sorrento city visit. It is near beautiful gardens of the San Francesco Church, where you can assist a traditional marriage, if you have some chance. This part of the city is offering the beautiful view to the sea and Marina San Francesco. Taking the stairs, you can arrive at a small beach (pay attention, because it is almost impossible to have some space to enjoy the sun).

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