Jumpsuit in Paris


I had the chance to spend the first week of August in Paris. I said the chance because the city is almost empty and finally you can fully enjoy it. For bloggers, this is the perfect period 😉 because the streets are empty and you can barely have a person on your street style shot.

By the way, this summer was extremely hot, 36°C and no air to breath but hopefully, some of the days were more pleasant and easy to live. So during one of these days, I went out, to try some of the so famous Parisian coffees. Café de Flore was on my list.

To be honest, I thought that in August there would be fewer people, maybe some tourists but not as many as during the other months. Of course, before going out, I checked on the Internet the opening hours, just to be sure. And everything seemed to be fine.

Nevertheless, once there, such a surprise. It was closed because of some works. Well, of course, it was not mentioned on the Internet but maybe they just forgot to do it. It is not a big deal. Then we decided to have a snack in another one called Café Louse, not so far from the first one, still in Saint-Germain and it was not so bad.

The service was a little bit slow but it is ok, it is summer, we have the right to being in a hurry. Being not in a hurry and still wearing comfortable clothes and that is the reason why I chose this jumpsuit from Zara. It is really very comfortable and easy to wear with everything, sneakers, heels, flats.

It took time for me to adopt this fashion trend, which we saw almost everywhere during the summer. But guess what, it will be still one of the fall-winter trends, so it is never too late to adopt it. And honestly, you need only one piece, no “wasted” time for looking for other clothes to wear with.

Hope you have had great summer holidays, and you have reloaded for new adventures and challenges.

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Jumpsuit: Zara

Bag: Sandro

Sunnies: Dior

Flats: Hermès

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