The Rolling Stones t-shirt


After having shared my experience in the islands of Saintes, I thought it was time for another look on the blog. This year, the simple t-shirt with a picture or a message on it is the trend. The advantage it that they are comfortable and easy to wear with almost everything. Black, white or pink, the t-shirt is one of the essentials of summer 2017.

This look is really simple, just like me, once again. This look could be for a summer day, but also for the autumn or late spring. With long jeans, I chose to wear my red sneakers, which are matching perfectly my « Rolling Stones » t-shirt, with which we had a love from a first sign. You can also wear it with espadrilles, mules or even a part of nice sandals.

To mix the styles, one more time, I brought a blazer with me that day. The black blazer adds a chic touch to the look. We took the pictures 2 weeks ago, when the weather in Paris was a little bit more cold, which explains why I chose to bring a blazer with me. At the ned of the day, sneakers and blazer is a pretty good combination.

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