Virtual Club Mallorca: the place to be


I love discovering new places, alone or with friends. A friend of mine showed me this one 4 years ago and since every time I get back to Mallorca, I have always tried to find it.

The thing is that when I first went there, it was during the night. We drove there, if I remember well, like around 20 minutes from the city center of Palma. And when I arrived there, after going down the stairs, I was fascinated by the place, so I didn’t remember the name.

Moreover, when you cut off all contacts with the person who got you there, it becomes very difficult to find the place. But after several years, here we are, with a best friend, a cocktail and a nice view.

Sincerely, I highly recommend this place because it is very unusual and at the same time, difficult to find. Virtual Club is situated in Illetes, 15 kilometers from Palma. What makes this place unique is that you should take the stairs to enjoy the beautiful sea view.

You can come to Virtual Club after a day spent on the beach and enjoy a cocktail on the bar. You can also come for a romantic dinner. Gentleman, if you are looking for a place to seduce your date, this is the one I will suggest. Here, you are sure to spend one of the most romantic moments in your life.

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