2016’s Resolutions

And another new year has come. In general, we are making resolutions, prepare the new year with new activities (for our professional and personal life). Most often, we decide to start doing sport ou stop smoking.

As for me, being a working woman and having this blog, gave me the chance to be more organised. Nevertheless, there are some things that can be done in a better way. So there are my resolutions for 2016:

1)   Being more organised and coordinate better my work on the blog (which means: write more articles);

2)   This year is the end of the procrastination. It is difficult to avoid but we are keen to say ourselves: “I will do this tomorrow, it is not a priority”.

3)   Travel more (including out of Europe, if possible of course);

4)   Read at least one book per month (starting and finishing one book at a time);

5)   Being less perfectionist and less demanding with me first of all and then with others. At the end of the day, nobody is perfect.

6)   Discover Paris.

Speaking of this, there are some pictures, taken in Madeleine. Using the metro every day to go to work, I have been passing through but never had the chance to stop and have a walk.

So, for this day, I choose this comfortable Karl Marc John dress. I have been spoken about this brand once. Honestly, I love it, because it is affordable, chic and trendy at a time. Moreover, we can often find it on the showroomprive.com website. I am a big fan of them because they offer not only outlet fashion but often new collections of some Spanish, Danish brands.

Speaking about résolutions, I think this is a good start. Of course, I still have my list in my agenda, so I can always add anything else I have in mind.

And what your resolutions are? Maybe you can give me some ideas 🙂

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