Louis Vuitton Foundation

Paris and the must-sees, the places-to-be, the sightseeing, restaurants, Streets, bars and the very typical terraces.

Living in Paris it is not always easy (as living in any other capital city by the way). Nevertheless, the advantages are much more than the disadvantages. For example, you are sure not to be fed up with the everyday life, because there is always a new place to see, a new exhibition to visit, new thing to try.

One of these places is the Louis Vuitton Foundation, recently inaugurated by the LVMH President Bernard Arnaud and the French President François Hollande. This event took place most precisely on October, 20 in 2014. It is very récent and very modern building, created by the American architect Franck Gehry.

From the very beautiful rooftop, you can admire a view to the beautiful city of Paris. This open space is protected by glass mats. The garden space is made of white-grey cement, that make us thinking about the ocean and the icebergs when touching it. This place definitely makes you experiencing a unique architectural adventure.

As the autumn is here now, I chose to wear my Karl Marc John pullover (I love this model, I should avoid that I have the same in green). The color is almost the same as the color of my comfy Acne boots. Nevertheless, my bag is black. Actually, black color for a bag is a good color, because it is easy to wear with everything. And it is not necessary to have black shoes. Cristina Cordula once said that it was old-fashioned to wear a bag and shoes in the same color.

What do you think about this? Do you try to have the same color shoes and bag or not necessary? Do you think this is old-fashioned?

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