Cinema Paradiso with Martini

For 10 days, from 16 to 26 June, MK2 gave us the chance to have a good time at the Grand Palais in Paris. During 10 nights, we could enjoy #food #cinema #clubbing. A lot of entertainment activies were available in the Grand Palais, for example discovering Italian Focaccia, seing some of the most famous movies such as Titanic, Forrest Gump, Kill Bill, Jurassic Park and much more, continuing the party after the film with music, till 6 in the morning, in the Superclub.

This year was the 2nd edition of the Cinema Paradiso (the 1st one was in 2013). Some of the this year event partners were Chanel (with the Chanel bowling and the photomaton), Martini (with the possibility to try the iconic cocktail of the brand, Martini Royale), Coca Cola, Leffe. Party people could enjoy music with some of the most famous DJs in the world, for example Kavinsky, Oskar Offermann, Andrea Oliva, Solange & Sailer.

About my personal experience during this event and for the only time I could go there, I could’t miss enjoying my favorite cocktail for this 2015 summer, Martini Royale Bianco. After queueing for 20 minutes, we finally could « Take our Chance » in the photomaton of Chanel and leave with a great souvenir. There is nothing better to welcome the 2015 summer season, in the biggest ephemeral movie theater in the world.

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