3 ideas for drinks for the hot summer days


It is so hot in Paris these days. 37°C and it is difficult event to sleep at night. When I arrived in France, I was wondering, why it is rarely 35 or36°C. Now I completely understand why. It is difficult to live in such a heat, and in a city like Paris. It is 36°C bu it feels like 46°C.

So, I decided to share some ideas for drinks, for the very hot summer days. They are all with milk and yogurt. If you are lactose intolérant, you can also add some soy yogurt ar almond milk.

Chocolate milk

This is the easiest one. You only need cold milk and some chocolate powder, for example, Nesquik. I use ColaCao with chocolate chips Inside. Unfortunately, we only can find it in Spain, for the moment I hope. You can also add some ice cubes to your chocolate milk.



Coffee frappe

This is my favorite one. As I can not drink too much coffee, I use decaffeinated coffee, so I can drink it at any time of the day. I love the foam, you can easily obtained with a milk frother. You can find one in Ikea. Add a small pièce of sugar and ice cubes. This will make the foam better.




I adore fruits and sincerely, can eat only fruits and vegetables. In the summer, I use frozen fruits. I get them from Picard or Lidl. For 3 cups of smoothie, put 1 cup of frozen fruits (strawberries, mango, passion fruits, it is up to you), a cup of juice (apple, pineapple, orange) and a banana. Mix it in a blender. You can add some grated coconut. Enjoy.



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